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The Evil Grin Smiley Army

SEO done right

Angler Fish Evil Grin Smiley Emoji IconSearch Engine Optimization is supposed to be about communication. You are telling potential visitors what’s in your site. Simple things like putting content in alt tags does just that, and should be done anyway so that screen readers can tell those who can’t see your images what’s in them.

Orignial evil grin smiley emoji icon

The original Evil Grin Smiley

The Evil Grin Smiley Army was a demonstration of that. I encouraged members of one forum to change their avatars to one of the evil grin emojis I had created, and put them up on my site with alt tag descriptions put in. And sure enough, if you did a Google image search for “evil grin”, my avatars showed on page one. No other SEO trickery was required.


Cigar Smoking Evil Grin Smiley Emoji Icon

A much later version

I’m now putting the smileys back up, just to see if I can repeat history. Feel free to use them. Evil-Grin-Animated-NannerA select few of the smilies borrow from pop culture sources and only for the purpose of parody. It’s been a fun diversion and I hope to keep it going. It’s interesting to see how they’ve evolved.