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Synersal, Inc.

There's more here than you might think....

Synersal Poster ThumbThe Synersal ad is one for a potential aerospace company with subsidiaries. The logos are designed to tie in one with the other and uses very clean typography and symbolism to communicate. Typographically and visually, it’s one of my favorite pieces. But that’s where I depart and have fun with it.

Read the full poster below and then think for a minute about the company names. They sound like ones that might actually exist but are darkly tongue-in-cheek. and could even be sinisterly Orwellian. Synersal might sound like all-encompassing synergy, but is a play on, “Sinners, all!” Cyclodyne basically means dynamically going full circle, or, “here we go again”. And nuThink probably speaks for itself.

I wanted the piece to portray what might be. I thought such a thing as electromagnetically-assisted launching was on the horizon, and was surprised to find that it’s in the works. But what would it LOOK like? I thought, “Well, a craft launched in such a manner would not have its engines fully engaged until well up in the air, so you’d probably just see a vapor trail.” And that’s what’s depicted.

I think mining landfills for resources will soon be imperative, but would take a lot of venture capital to get started, so I wrote in about a subsidiary company that was, perhaps, an Elon Musk venture. Same goes for neural interfaces, Like the internet, such a thing will probably start first as a military venture, a DARPA project that a defense contractor picks up.

So I had fun with the mock ad, still making it something that might show up in a major magazine. Hope you had as much fun with it as I did creating it.