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Breadmen’s, Chapel Hill, NC

Branding a Chapel Hill Tradition

Breadmen's LogoThe projects I’ve done for Breadmen’s Restaurant in Chapel Hill, NC, have been some of the most fun projects I’ve been privileged to work on.

The Breadman character has defined the restaurant for over 30 years, so being asked to update it was an honor. I also created the Breadmen’s typeface based on the lettering of the logo, not just as a novelty or title font but complete with kerning and leading rules, so that it could be used for menus, advertising, apparel and more.

I later reworked the logo. The owner wasn’t happy with what the restaurant was using, which was a fried egg background that neither scaled down well nor looked good when embroidered. I suggested making the Breadman character prominent and emphasizing their date of establishment, so that the logo reflected their status as a Chapel Hill tradition.

The logo as and typeface are versatile enough to have been widely used, including on menus, employee and general apparel, building signage and vehicle wraps.