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A Tribute to Zuzana Licko

Poster for Zuzana Licko event

Zuzana Licko is one of my favorite typographers. A series of hers, entitled “Hypnopaedia,” creates designs from the letterforms of her typefaces. The underlying reason for the series is that it illustrates that letters are in and of themselves art, and as such should fall under copyright protection. At present, typefaces cannot be copyrighted.

My take on her design creates patterns based on the letter “y” from her Filosofia typeface, with advancing and receding colors both in the letterforms and the blocks they occupy. The effect is the optical illusion of waves throughout the piece.

The poster based on it uses her typeface Triplex, and uses a style that is loosely based on what I think her magazine, Emigre, might come up with.

If only this was an actual event! Ms. Licko is someone I would love to hear speak!

The brochure is done in black and white in part because most available photos of Zuzana Licko are, and I thought that the effect of the base illustration worked well in black and white to keep consistency.

Image credits for the brochure:

Photo of Zuzana Licko—

Photo of Zuzana Licko and Rudy Vanderlans—

Photos of Ms. Licko’s pottery and Puzzler series—

Brochure front for Zuzana Licko event
Brochure back for Zuzana Licko event