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HERE for the win!

I was the graphic designer and copy writer in this group project, with Andy Pienta as the art director and Jess Vavra as the photographer.

The project was aimed at school age children, primarily in middle and high schools. The posters were designed to be displayed in school cafeterias and other school locations. Because that age group is very social media savvy, we decided to use Twitter textese, to encourage them to tweet their progress (it spells out, “Healthy Eating, Regular Exercise, For The Win”)

Eat Yo' Veggies Banana Poster
Eat Yo' Veggies Avocado Poster
Eat Yo' Veggies billboard

The billboard was intended to be less type heavy, since it would be viewed on the road. The textese would still be very recognizable to a young demographic, but the remaining text was reduced to one memorable phrase.

These are some examples of what would be a larger campaign in and around schools, with social media links, to encourage kids to eat healthier and be more active.