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Breadmen's, Inc.

I’ve had a longstanding relationship with Breadmen’s Restaurant in Chapel Hill, NC. Bill Piscitello, co-owner of the restaurant, asked me to redo the iconic Breadman character back in 2006, and at the same time, while I was learning to create typefaces I put together a TrueType font based on the lettering of the logo, not just as a novelty font but complete with kerning and leading rules, so it could be used for menus, advertising, and other communications.

Breadmen's Logo Breadmen's True Type Font

This year Bill and I talked about re-doing the logo. He wasn’t happy with what the restaurant was using, which was a fried egg background that didn’t scale down well at all. He wanted the Breadman character to be prominent, because it defined the character of the restaurant.

The logo as you see it now has been applied to menus, employee and general apparel, and will soon be applied to a new woodcut building sign and a wrap for the company delivery truck.

Other uses are also in the works.

The projects I’ve done for Breadmen’s have been some of the most fun projects I’ve been priveleged to work on.

Breadman illustration
embroidered shirt and hat
Breadmen's Apron
Breadmen's Menu